Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big News and a Preview!

Preview: Monochrome Transition Necklace

I will be listing this necklace later tonight. I am really very into modern design lampwork beads right now. I also have some plans for some more organic looking lampwork bead necklaces as soon as I can locate the proper artisan crafted bead caps. Anyway, I spied these lovely beads at HMBStudios on Etsy. I also have a nice moddish brown and caramel transition necklace. I oxidized and tumbled the sterling silver chain so it has a nice bright gun metal color to it.

The BIG NEWS is that my husband and I are drilling holes in my vintage mannequin's ears tonight, so I will have a nice easy ear shot to take of my earrings! No more white mugs!


  1. Nice work, Polestar.
    Are we going to see pic's of the ear piercing?

  2. Wonderful piece! I love the title too!