Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Beautiful Gift from a Kind, Talented and Friendly Designer

Marla of Fairchild Designs wrote me when we were both fairly new to Etsy and we talked some Etsy shop and admired each other's work. She does quite a bit of business off of Etsy though her Etsy shop is GORGEOUS. I have included her in several treasuries over time and admired her work. She has a way of intertwining the simple and complex into her designs to make even her most ornate pieces look like perfect simplicity.

Marla was kind enough to write me when I was approaching 800 sales to congratulate me. I was a bit down in the dumps for other reasons and her kind words really helped pick me up. She offered to send me something in the mail as a congratulations and a cheer up, and never did I imagine how gorgeous this gift would be!

Here are some of my own photos of the stunning necklace Marla sent me.

Everything about this necklace is perfect. The oxidization of the sterling silver is such a perfect gray rusty brown to complement the stones she used. The wire wrap with the gem stones is intricate and adds so much visual interest. I actually have some tactile interest as well because I can't keep my hands off of it while I am wearing it! The necklace features smoky quartz, copper rutilated quartz, multi colored spinel and champagne zircon.

Here are some other favorites in her shop. She also offers a wide variety of price points to have a little luxury for any budget. Here are some other pretties from Marla's shop.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. What a fantastic friend, too.

  2. My goodness those items are so beautiful!

  3. Your items are beautiful! Great blog!

  4. Thanks, those are Fairchild Design's items though. She does have gorgeous jewelry. It is so nice that Etsy is a community that fosters friendliness of those in the same niche.

  5. Wow - how sweet of her to send that! How exciting to open up that package!
    Her jewellery is stunning ( as is yours) and Its so nice to hear of talented jewellery designers who appreciate each other.

  6. what a sweet thing to do. that Plum Royale is gorgeous!

    I'm "tagging" you. see my blog for the questions:

  7. It's always nice to have a friend to lift you up when you're down. You're very lucky to have one :)
    ...and Fairchild's creations are absolutely stunning!

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