Thursday, June 11, 2009

Etsy Summer Shopping

From left to right:

Zipper Pouch with Clip from charmdesign
Green Turquoise and Jade on Copper Hoops from lavalleygirly
Flowers and Disco Lights Earrings from intrigued
Bifold Pocket Wallet from THIENTHANH
Bamboo with Rosewood Soap from Savor

I have been doing some summer shopping on Etsy. I wanted a smaller and more lightweight handbag now that I am not carting around little baby essentials and I took the plunge and went really small (for me!) and bought the adorable clutch from charmdesign. Of course I needed a small wallet to fit into my small purse so I ordered the adorable wallet from THIENTHANH. They are both very nice quality and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hook on the clutch as well as the magnetic snap closure in the wallet. The wallet is sturdy and also has plenty of pockets for your plastic, grocery discount cards, IDs and cash.

In summer I can't resist a pop of color here and there and when I saw some long time favorites of mine had gone on sale at intrigued I just had to have them! They are coming all the way from Singapore.

lavalleygirly was very kind to me when I started on Etsy, sending me a sweet note and she predicted I would be successful. I never forgot that and have also always loved all her simple wire wrapped hoops. Hoops are such a classic summer earring and the pop of green on those particular hoops was my que to finally buy something I loved from her shop.

I pretty much exclusively use savor's soaps on Etsy. I love the exotic scents she weaves together and I also own a few of her body sprays. This Bamboo and Rosewood soap is a fragrant treat every morning in the shower. I don't know about you, but in summer I sometimes shower twice a day, and I always look forward to it when I have some savor soap.


  1. wow, great buys! enjoy using them all!

  2. How very sweet of you! Well it was just TOO obvious that everyone was going to want some of your beautiful treasures!!! Congrats on your success!

  3. Awesome buys!
    I love LavalleyGirly's shop!

  4. Thank you for purchasing from Intrigued! I just received my savor soaps too! So delicious & yummy :)