Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reverse Lens Mount Macro Photoghraphs

Reverse lens mount macro technique

I was researching macro photographs on Flickr and I found a really neat technique called reverse lens mount macro. It is when you take another of your lenses from your SLR camera and reverse it against the main lens. People use a lot of methods to do this. Some I have seen on Flickr and the safest way is using a reverse lens attachment. You can find them on Amazon and Ebay. Others simply used duct tape and other people used exention tubes.

It takes a lot of experimentation to find a good combo and it is a lot of fun experimenting with different lenses. The above picture was taken with my 18-55 lens with my 50mm lense reversed against it. The use of a tripod is also essential, as any slight movement at this level of macro can leave you with a very blurry image.

I used natural light in my photo but if you search "reverse lens mount macro" on Flickr you will come up with various pictures of homemade diffusers ingenuitive people came up with including the use of ping pong balls over a flash and white paper boxed around a flash.


  1. Oh I remember reversing rings. Used to use one back in the days when I shot film - probably still have it. Very close work, but no depth of field control in any practical way. Fun to play with though and it looks like that shot came out well. I really like the new ring, too. Oh how I wish I weren't out of work and had money.

  2. Just realized that isn't your ring...still it's nice.